Retreat Center

Whether you are interested in a yoga retreat, a writers’ sanctuary, or hosting an employee appreciation experience, we can host you and your guests.The retreats are hosted in a private part of the palace with 10 rooms with 2 twin beds, with a private space for retreat leaders, it’s own lounge area and space to hold private sessions, meetings and yoga classes. Retreat groups are also free to use other parts of the grounds for their various activities.Your retreat will be custom designed to suit your needs.

Artist Commune

We have an 11-room artist commune. Located in the small town of M’Hamid, within the majestic grounds of Sbai Palace surrounded by the dunes of Sahara desert, we offer suites for creatives to have peace and quiet to focus and simply be or to create.Our artist residences have suites with a private bathroom, bedroom and studio/living room area. Artists must apply for this opportunity as the space each year is limited. Suites are available for 1 to 12 months and include 3 meals per day.Dinners are served buffet style within the commune area.